Home wireless cameras are of top-notch priority when it comes to the home security . Keeping an eye on your residential area when you are not around has been a necessity these days, especially when there are huge cases of theft and robberies taking place. Looking for the best cameras for top-notch picture and video quality is a must.

Currently, you will come across wireless house cameras, which are easier to hide and most of them come with 2-way audio. With the help of an in-build microphone and speaker, you can talk to anyone who tries to enter your house, even when you are nowhere near. There are so many options available in the market, and listed below are the top 7 options that you might want to give out a try now!

Mi 360° Home Security Camera:

mi home camera

With full HD quality and night vision features, this is one of the best wireless cameras for home from the house of Mi. It addresses 360 degrees panoramic view with the talk-back feature. Available at just 2999 bucks, this is one of the best wireless house cameras with a discreet look. You can hide these cameras anywhere you want, and no one will be able to know that you are spying on them.


  • This particular wireless security camera for home comes with an AI motion detection alert. It has an angle of 110 degrees and with connectivity of Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz.
  • Moreover, the MicroSD storage card will support 16GB to 64GB values. So, even if you are out for a holiday for a long time, the best wireless cameras for home from India will store all the details within that card.
  • The Infrared night vision will help you to get a crystal clear view of a certain distance even when it is pitch black outside. It has a talkback feature with a video encoding of H.265.
  • This special wireless security camera for home has perfect picture quality. With the 20 MP, wide dynamic range and 1080p resolution, even the distant backgrounds will be detailed and clear.

There is an inverted installation option available in case you have a small space for the best wireless cameras for home. So, make sure to focus on these points, too, before proceeding further and making a purchase.

tp link wifi home security camera

Whenever you are looking for an indoor based wireless security camera for home in India, TP-Link Tapo is the one to watch out for. It is one of the best wireless home cameras with Alexa / Google, alongside 2-way audio and night vision help. It has SD storage with device sharing features, which will make this camera last for the longest span of time. It won’t need any hub over here, and the 360 degrees rotational view will work out magically in here.


  • With 360 degrees horizontal range and 114 degrees vertical range, this wireless cctv camera for home is perfect for keeping your home safe when you are not around.
  • For all kinds of HD quality videos, you can try out these best wireless cameras for home from India. It helps in capturing videos in 1080P resolution.
  • Advanced night view will help your camera to provide a visual distance of around 30 feet, even when it is pretty dark outside.
  • The safe storage of wireless cctv camera for home makes it an interesting choice for the masses. It will support a Micro SD card of a maximum of 128 GB.
  • Always ensure to keep an eye on the safety of your house with these best wireless cameras for home. It has Live View, which means you can always keep an eye on your surrounding through the app on your smartphone.

Always enjoy the privacy mode with this wireless cctv camera for home from India. You can easily turn the privacy move on for shutting down the surveillance if the need arises.

Conbre MultipleXR2 Pro Smart Camera:

conbre home camera

The upgraded version of the Conbre MultipleXR2 Pro is one of the best home security wireless cameras you can lay your hands on within pre-set budget plans. It is one wireless Wi-Fi-based UP CCTV security camera with night vision. These best wireless cameras for home will have 2-way audio help, and they will support 64GB of the Micro SD card slot. The small size of these best home security wireless cameras will make it easier for you to hide them in places and keep a close watch on intruders when you are not around.


  • Thanks to the best wireless cameras for home from India, now you get to cover every corner of the home with 360 degrees view. You get to rotate the best home security wireless cameras horizontally or vertically from anywhere, you want using the mobile app.
  • The product will work only on 4G with a minimum speed of 2MBPS. These smart and best wireless cameras for home are designed with easy setup for DIY installation. For this, you need to use the V380 mobile app.
  • It has night vision coverage of up to 16 feet. So, whether it is morning or pitch dark at night, with the best home security wireless cameras, you will never miss out on capturing any of the moment at all!

It has seamless connectivity with either mobile or tablet. Thanks to the quicker Wi-fi setup, these best wireless home night vision cameras will get connected via smartphone using the supplied app.

tp link tapo wifi home security camera

It is another interesting product that you need to address while looking for the best wireless cameras for home. Available from the house of TP-link, these best wireless home night vision cameras come in handy with full HD video quality all the time, with their 1080P resolution. Right from night vision to two-way audio, there are so many features available. Moreover, you have an Intruder alert with the wireless home video camera, which will keep our trespassers away from your property.


  • These wireless home safety cameras are able to record every image in a crystal clear manner, thanks to its 1080P definition.
  • With advanced night vision, these wireless home camera systems will cover a distance of a maximum of 30 feet, even when it is pitch black outside.
  • The light and sound alarm forms another interesting part of the best wireless cameras for home. It will help in triggering sound and light effects for frightening away the unwanted visitors over here.
  • It has two-way audio as well, which will enable communication through a built-in speaker and microphone over here.
  • These wireless home camera systems will have safe storage of around 128GB on the micro SD card, which is pretty equal to the 386 hours of footage.

With easy setup and management and the best ever wireless home camera price, this particular model is the one for you to give out a try. You can also enjoy worry-free customer service from time to time.

CP PLUS Intelligent Home PT Camera with Cloud Remote Viewing:

cp plus home camera

Have you been looking for the best wireless cameras for home from India, which are somewhat different from the ones already mentioned in this list? If so, then the CP Plus intelligent PT camera for home is one wireless home camera price noted for you. Just pay 2080 rupees and get some of the futuristic features with these best wireless cameras for home now in India. Even the wireless home camera price is within your pocket-friendly pre-set budget!


  • These best wireless cameras for home will present a 1080P gull HD plus and play option, and enabling crisp images to reveal even the smallest of details with utmost clarity.
  • Now, you can always keep a check on your home on your phone. Access footage of the office or home all the time through your phone now! Connect to local Wi-Fi now and select the network, and you are good to go!
  • With such a small wireless home camera price to pay, you can get some promising features with such a wireless home camera India. You can even talk to the person on the other side of the camera with its 2-way audio help.

Whenever armed, the inbuilt motion alarm present inside these best wireless cameras for home will actually let you know about it immediately on your smartphone. So, even if an intrusion takes place, you can take the necessary steps immediately, thanks to the wireless home camera India.

QUBO Smart Home Security WiFi Camera:

qubo smart home camera

Available in its finest black colour, the QUUBO smart and best wireless cameras for home are parts of the Hero Group. This type of wireless home camera India comes in handy with the intruder alarm system. Even the products are weather-proof in nature and can be placed outdoor with ease. With 1080P resolution and full HD quality, these best wireless cameras for home will be your perfect match in India.

The best part about this wireless home camera India is that it can clearly work with Google and Alexa. So, it is the finest example of an ultra-modernized security camera, made and designed in India.


  • These particular best wireless cameras for home will have an intruder alarm system within. Thanks to the advanced AI power, the cameras can smartly detect and then notify whenever any person is detected within your campus. So, it will ring a loud siren during the intrusion.
  • As this wireless home camera India is for outdoor usage, it has a perfectly crafted weather-proof body. The weather-resistant IP65 is the reason behind it, which will protect the machine from any weather condition, whether it is raining outside or pretty hot.
  • Now enjoy 24 hours of live remote monitoring with wireless home safety cameras with alarm. It comes in handy with a 1080P FHD camera, with an ultra-wide lens of around 110 degrees.
  • So, now you will enjoy True Life image qualities with wireless smart home cameras, which will ensure a crystal clear view of the videos.

OJXTZF WiFi Wireless CCTV HD IP HD 1080P Camera:

okx wireless home camera

If you are looking for the best wireless cameras for home from India, then this product from OJXTZF is your one-stop solution. Available in 1,799 rupees, this camera consists of 1080p resolution and live-video streaming with the help of Wi-Fi on your laptop or mobile phone. Moreover, the 2-way chat system is what makes these wireless smart home cameras completely different and modernized. Whether you are planning to secure the interior or exterior of your house, this 360 degree wireless home camera will be your perfect choice to address.


  • This wifi-enabled wireless home camera will offer 360 degrees of the mobile control. So, now you get to rotate your camera vertically and horizontally from anywhere in the world. You just need to use the mobile app for that.
  • There are two-way audio and night vision as some of the major characteristics of these smart detection wireless cameras. For that, you have the in-built speaker and microphone to cover.
  • It has a night vision of 16 feet so that you won’t even miss a thing even when it is pitched black outside. Use the mobile devices to communicate with friends and family and even talk to the camera directly from a distance, thanks to the microphone enabled wireless home camera for that.
  • The intruder alarm system is another interesting feature of this camera. So, these best wireless cameras for home from India will notify you whenever anyone is near your location and trying to intrude.

So, next time you are looking for the best wireless cameras for home, this model might be the right choice to make. These best wireless cameras for home will have a real plug and play option, which comes in handy with an easy setup feature. So, you don’t need a professional for installing these best wireless cameras for home anymore.

The final say!

So, what are you waiting for? Next time you are looking for the best wireless cameras for home from India, you might want to give anyone of these a try. Most of them are pretty cost-effective and will fall within your affordable budget range. For that extra safety of your home and family when you are not around, give these best wireless cameras for home a try!


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