There is someone at the door and ringing. He seems to be a salesperson, but you are not
sure. Moreover, you are alone at home and have no one to protect you in case something
goes wrong. What will you do during such instances? Opening up the door to an intruder
isn’t a good option, especially when there are so many crimes getting reported. But, you can
keep these issues at bay by installing the wifi-enabled video door phone.

These best video door phones are completely different from your generic doorbells. As you
can understand from the name itself, the main goal of these phones is to let you know who
is on the other side of the door and interact with that person without even opening the
door. There will be a camera on the video door phones, which will capture the image of the
other person. 

Even if there is more than one person on the other side of the road, you will get a clear view
of it. Moreover, the contact less video door phone will have microphones on them. So, even
without opening the door, you can give instructions to the other people and then don’t even
have to open the door for that. Let’s focus on the top video door phone cameras in India,
which will actually help you to keep yourself, and your family protected from thieves,
burglars, intruders and anyone unknown.

Hikvision VDP DS-KIS202 7-inch Upgraded Video Door Phone:

video door camera

Hikvision has been known for presenting some of the best video door phones for a long
time now, and this VDP DS-KIS202 model is the new one on this list. Costing around 6000
rupees, these video door phones are available for door stations with their self-adaptive IR
supplement. It consists of 7 inches of colourful TFT LCD screen so that you get to see who is
on the other side of the door. 

It consists of hands-free video intercom communication, which makes this high resolution
video door phone a perfect choice for you to address. Moreover, it is going to support
monitoring door stations.


  1. These best video door phones will have an external analogue camera, which will
    help you to get a clear vision of who is standing on the other side of the road.
  2. It has a remote unlocking system. So, even if you are busy with something and can’t
    go near the door, these video door phones can be easily controlled with the help of
    remote-controlled systems.
  3. Whenever applied properly, this unit to unit video calling feature of these best video
    door phones from India will facilitate communication among owners in multiple
    apartment units too.

The components over here will adapt to the high performing echo-cancellation technology.
It will ensure higher quality voice transmission and offer an exceptional user experience.
Then these night vision video door phones will have a built-in loudspeaker and
Omnidirectional microphone for perfect sound clarity at its best.

Godrej Seethru Contactless Video Door Phone:

godrej video door bell phone

Thanks to these video door phones, now you will enjoy smart safety in a contactless
manner. Nowadays, with the COVID virus all around, you don’t want to open your door to
random strangers all the time. That’s when the best video door phones come into action.
This particular model will let you see and even interact with the other person at the door
without letting you cross the barrier.

Now you can simply stay at home or even go anywhere you want and still stay connected to
visitors with an in-built Wi-Fi module of the See-Thru Pro night vision video door phones.
This Wi-Fi feature will help you to see and share a chat with the person through the See-
Thru Pro app, which you can download on your phone.


  1. Now, there is no need to worry about sanitising the doorbell all the time, and you
    can reduce public contact with the help of these video door phones.
  2. You get full control over when you can open your door in a contactless and smart
    manner. This Godrej technology will provide the ultimate peace of mind.
  3. These best video door phones from India consists of high resolution 7 inches indoor
    display unit with the first true Wi-Fi video door phone services at an affordable price.
  4. It consists of smartphone viewing, motion detection and White LED for night vision.
    It has 13 regional languages for you to select in case of a voice prompt.
  5. Now, with these video door phone cameras in India, you get to remotely record
    images and videos with the help of the app on your phone.
  6. It consists of a higher resolution and wide-angle camera to capture everyone at the
    door. It has an angular wall bracket, which is another point to address now.

Godrej Seethru 7″ Touch Video Door Phone:

godrej video door bell phone


interesting and one of the best video door phones from Godrej will be the Seethru
7″ Touch Video Door Phone. Available at 13699 rupees, this product comes with a free 6
month of warranty on the online purchase. Once the order has been placed, the item will
get shipped within 3 to 5 working days.

Whether you are at home or anywhere else, now, with this kind of video door phone
system, convenience will be right at your fingertips. These products will ensure that neither
none of the visitors on the door will get unanswered and nor will they do undetected.
Thanks to the detection feature of this video door bell, you get to capture every moment of
the people standing outstanding.


  1. These best video door phones are made in India and come in handy with the 7
    inches TFT touch screen. It has AC or DC power input for every household to use.
  2. It will have audio-video recording and can be widely used as one digital photo frame
    over here.
  3. Moreover, this video door bell has 16 different melodies for you to choose from and
    for various door stations if you want.
  4. It consists of door lock release, internal memory with the expandable storage unit,
    TV card with 1924 images and 128 videos and more, as its features.
  5. There is one special “do not disturb” function associated with this phone viewing
    video door phone. You can even leave voice messages for visitors and family when
    you are not around the door.

Godrej Seethru 7 Pro Wifi Video Door Phone:

godrej seethru video door phone

Whenever you are venturing into the world of yhbest video door phones, Godrej has some
of the best options in store for you. This Seethru 7 Pro video door phone system is one such
example, available at around 20,399 rupees. This particular model is mainly designed to add
a greater convenience level to daily living.

With the help of a built-in Wi-Fi connection, you can now get to view the visitors and even speak to them from your tablet or smartphone, not just anywhere in the home but from anywhere around the world.

If you can add the camera option with the video door bell, you will view one better area on
the other side of the door before letting anyone in. The products are well-equipped with a
host of features, which will ensure a better working operation. 


  1. It is Wi-Fi enabled video doorbell and will have motion detection help.
  2. Moreover, these best video door phones from India will have a configurable system and with a higher resolution of 7 inches indoor display window.
  3. The premium pinhole camera and the LED for night vision will help you to see crystal
    clear images and even when it is pitch dark outside.
  4. The video door bell will come in handy with the angular wall bracket for that better hold and will have that outdoor metal unit for sure. You can enjoy auto or manual recording with the help of the given app.

Lifelong Smart WiFi Wireless Video Doorbell:

lifelong smart wifi

Lifelong is one notable brand, which has been making the best video door phones in India
for ages now. Right now, it came with the Smart WiFi Wireless video door bell, which is
completely different from anything the company has produced so far. Right now, this
doorbell is available with the instant visitor video call on the phone. For that, you just need
to download the app.

Moreover, these best video door phones will have an intruder alarm system along with a
1080P high-resolution camera for capturing crystal clear pictures and videos. It has a 2-way
talk to communicate with the other person without opening the door. There are, in total, 36
chime tunes. To see who is at the door from your mobile phone, you just have to download
the Lifelong smart home app while purchasing a video door bell.


  1. You are free from using any cable or wire and just have to download the app and
    connect that with the best video door phones. Here, you will get access to 1080p
    higher resolution videos anytime you want and directly on your phone.
  2. You can communicate with visitors through two-way audio, and it comes with a
    noise cancellation microphone. So, share a chat whenever you want through
    the video door bell and also watch some real-time videos on your smartphone.
  3. You don’t have to lay out cables any longer. Just fix the doorbell backplane, and you
    are good to go. Later, hang the doorbell host on the backplane. These smart
    and best video door phones can easily be paired with mobile through Wi-Fi. It is iOS
    and Android compatible.
  4. This kind of video door bell will be using batteries, whose durability is for around 3
    to 6 months, depending on the 10 times Wake Up per day and 30 seconds per time.

Hikvision 7-inch Video Door Phone:

hikiviion video door phones

Available in a colour combination of grey and white, these best video door phones from
Hikvision will keep you safe and sound from intruders. Even when you are not at home, you
can still see who is ringing your doorbell because of the higher resolution camera. Just
connect this video phone to your smartphone via an app, and you will get to see what is
going on the other side of the door. Even the video door phone camera price is reasonable,
and you can back up this video doorbell within 6,000 rupees!


  1. These best video door phones from India will have a door station with the self-
    adaptive based IR supplement.
  2. For a better view of the person on the other side of the door, it has 7 inches
    colourful TFT LCD screen.
  3. With an affordable video door phone camera price, this product offers hands-free
    video-based intercom communication.
  4. Now you can monitor the door station with the help of the external analogue
    camera of these best video door phones and so much more.

Qubo Smart WiFi Wireless Video Doorbell:

qubo smart wifi video door bell phones

The Hero Group is all settled to present you with the Smart Qubo Wi-Fi-based wireless video
doorbell. If you have a limited budget to spend as video door phone camera price, this one
is what you want to give out a try. Available at 6,815 rupees, these best video door
phones will last the longest and will provide you with detailed information about the person
on the other side of the door. Here, you can enjoy instant visitor video call right on the
phone with a special intruder alarm system.


  1. For taking some better pictures, these best video door phones will have a 1080P
    FHD camera setting.
  2. It is one best video door phone camera price you can opt for along with the 2-way
    talk to keep communication intact with the person without opening the door.
  3. Other than affordable video door phone camera price, these doorbells can further
    work with Alexa and Google. So, staying connected is not a problem any longer.


So, next time you are looking for the best video door phones, you know which ones to give
out a try. Yes, it is true that the market houses multiple options under wifi enabled video
door phone, but going through these options will help you to invest money in the right


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