No matter how hard you try, you cannot ignore the value of the best home lockers. Whether you have some cash at home or just want to keep your jewelry safe, you need hardcore, durable, and security-proof lockers for home. It can be mounted on the wall, inside the cupboard, or on the floor, whichever one you prefer.

Now before purchasing the digital home lockers, there are some points that you always need to address. First of all, you have to check out the companies from which you are likely to purchase these lockers. Then you need to focus on the price range of these lockers and see if they are suitable to match your budget. Depending on the size of the available place, the choice of best home lockers is subject to differ as well.

Listed below are the top 6 lockers for home, which are gaining quite some popularity among the masses. Let’s check in with all the options before you can finalize the one you like.

Godrej NX Pro Key Lock (15L) Ebony Home Locker:

Godrej 15 litres Safe Digital Locking Systems (NX Pro, Grey)

If you are looking for a bigger version of manual home lockers, then Godrej NX Pro Key Lock (15L) Ebony Home Locker might be the right choice for you. As mentioned in the name, it is a 15L locker and enough to store all your expensive goods under check.


  • These best home lockers are compact in size and come with a secured and affordable handle to address. It is one way to safeguard all your valuables out there.
  • The locker comes with a nickel-plated lock, which is furthermore corrosion-resistant. So, once purchased, these lockers for home are here to stay for a longer span of time.
  • It consists of a basic intelligence quotient and has 10 times more strength. However, the product is not fire-resistant in nature.
  • There are internal shelves available, which makes it storing a lot easier and safer to store the items as needed.


  • Consists of twin solid steel shooting belts
  • A tough version of metal build
  • Anchoring provision makes it great for installation

Godrej NX Pro Digital (15L) Ivory Home Locker

NX Key Lock 15L Home Locker Ivory

Technology is booming and right now you might have come across different versions of lockers like fingerprint lockers, and more. Just like that, in this current digital world, you have the best home lockers with number lock print, which makes them completely unique and much more needed than before.

You have the Godrej NX Pro Digital (15L) Ivory Home Locker by your side, which has a bigger dimension of 15L and is greatly designed for both business and home use. They are noted to offer the strong security that your valuables are looking for right now.

The unique 4 to 6 digits password makes these lockers for home a great choice for the masses. And as available within a set price, there’s nothing more magical than this!


  • It comes with a non-volatile memory, which will remember the password even when the battery is down and needs to be replaced.
  • If you want to know how locker strength is calculated, a simple calculation will help. Take the minimum tensile strength o the graded product and then multiply it by the stress area of the diameter. You will get your answer.
  • On the other hand, these best home lockers are pretty smart to freeze after someone has placed wrong passwords four consecutive times.


  • You have a motorized lock for that extra safety feature
  • Key and USB use for emergency access
  • Anchoring provision for the ultimate installation
  • Lower battery indicator
  • Enabled service with a master password

Godrej Premium Coffer V1 Red Home Locker:

GODREJ Coffer V1 Safe (Red)

It is true that you need to check out the reviews first before you can get your hands on the best lockers for home. Well, it is not to worry as the Godrej Premium Coffer V1 Red Home Locker has some of the top ratings from the users’ clan. It is a premium coffer, well designed not just as the best home lockers but as a great companion for the offices as well. This safe is a great production from Godrej and comes with the best 6-lever key lock. This locking system will actually strengthen the security of the valuables to a completely new set altogether.


  • This particular product is highly recommended for its home locker price. Even with a tight budget plan, people can opt for this rated locker anytime they want.
  • It consists of twin solid steel shooting bolts, which are designed for that extra protection layer to consider right now.
  • You have the powder-coated finish, which is another interesting factor to venture into over here.
  • This is considered to be safe, and well-equipped with the 6 lever lock, a trademark of best home lockers from the house of Godrej.


  • One of the latest models from the house of Godrej, known for its durability and sturdy construction
  • Weight at around 14.5 and it has the capability of 21 liters, making it a great choice among the masses.
  • It has 10 times more strength and has basic intelligence as expected within a manual home locker price.
  • There are internal shelves available for the better storage of the products over here

AmazonBasics Home Safe – 1.52 Cubic Feet

AmazonBasics Home Safe - 1.52 Cubic Feet(43.04 litres) & Security Safe - 0.5-Cubic Feet,Black(14.15 litres)

The next time you are venturing into the world of best home lockers and looking for an option that will be allotted within your chosen home locker price, then AmazonBasics Home Safe – 1.52 Cubic Feet might be the right solution for you to venture into. It is a large safe with 43.04 liters and you can get the most promising rewards over here.

It is always recommended to refer to the manual of the best home lockers first for the installation and the first setup rule over here. It is also recommended to keep the backup key somewhere else in a safe place for the current future use. If you are facing some problems with pin set-up or fingerprint, then it is a sign to change into some new batteries.


  • This is one noteworthy option available within pre-set home locker price. This 1.52 cubic home safe is great for storing important documents, valuables, jewelry, and some cash as well.
  • Noted as one of the best home lockers, this product comes with a programmable electronic keypad, which will ensure easy and secure operation with a backup key for that emergency use.
  • Available within set home locker price, this item consists of highly durable carbon steel construction. It has 2 live-door bolts and pry-resistant concealed hinges, designed for superior security. It consists of pre-drilled mounting holes and hardwood for that wall and floor mounting.
  • These best home lockers can be assembled pretty easily by following the step-by-step norms mentioned in the instruction manual. You don’t need any additional help and can get the services covered as and when asked for.
  • Currently, these best home safes come with 1 year of limited warranty. So, if anything happens to the safe without any mistake from your side, the company will be responsible for changing it completely without charging a single dime extra.


  • One of the best home lockers with an easy DIY installation routine to follow
  • This product comes with easy value for money
  • It has the top-class sturdiness to cover your needs all the time
  • These best home safes come with a programmable electronic keypad
  • 2 live door bolts and then pry-resistant concealed hinges
  • Heavy-duty carbon-steel construction
  • The backup key for emergency use
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes and hardware added with the list

Godrej Forte Pro 40 Litres Digital Electronic Safe Locker

Godrej Forte Pro 40 Litres Digital Electronic Safe Locker for Home & Office with Motorized Locking Mechanism (Light Grey)

Another option listed under best home lockers will be the Godrej Forte Pro 40 Litres Digital Electronic Safe Locker. This product is used for not just home but small offices as well, where you have multiple documents to store all the way through. Even though the rate is a bit steep when compared to all the other options, it is all worth it once you start using the same.

These best home safes come in handy with a motorized locking mechanism, which makes them a lot safer than the other options you have come across so far. Available in light grey color, this safe can easily match any possible area of your house.


  • These best home lockers are known for their unibody construction. It means the product is heavy-duty, with hardened steel construction and stainless steel body. The SS304-grade motorized bolts are perfect for enhancing the safety quotient to the next level.
  • The placement is another interesting factor related to these home safe lockers India. It comes with the pre-drilled mounting holes and also the hardware for wall and floor mounting. So, mounting it anywhere won’t be a problem.
  • It even comes with an in-built alarm system. So, if anyone is trying to open the safe without following the proper password routine, a loud siren will blast off, scaring off the intruders and informing the family members as well.
  • These best home lockers are now available with 1 year of warranty services. Anything happening to the safe without any fault from your side will call for a completely new replacement without spending a single dime on it.
  • These home safe lockers in India come in handy with a numeric keypad with a digital display. So, that means this safe is operated by the 4 to 6 digits strong password by using the numeric keypad over here.
  • Autolock function is another noteworthy feature that comes with the best home lockers in town. That means, after 4 consecutive incorrect passcode entries, the safe will freeze automatically and that will prevent any possible threat from taking place.
  • Then you have some override key to consider over here. It helps to unlock the safe manually in emergencies like drained batteries or forgotten passwords to name a few.


  • It comes with the USB charging port
  • For answering which locker is best for home, this one is with the external power supply to the locker when batteries get drained out completely
  • Perfect for using at home or in the office to secure precious valuables
  • The package consists of one locker, 4 grouting fasteners, 1 mechanical override key, 1 warranty card, and 1 user manual
  • These best home lockers are pretty easy to install and known for their sturdiness
  • It is one value-for-money product to consider

Godrej Matrix 3016 EL Home Locker:

Security Solutions MATRIX 3016 ELECTRONICS ,903HX536WX510D 230KG

Some of you might not be happy with the smaller locker size available from Godrej and looking for other options while shopping for the best home locker in India for the first time. Well, with Godrej Matrix 3016 EL Home Locker, your search might come to an end, and for some good reasons as well. Yes, it is the most expensive option on this list while looking for the best home lockers, but the features of this product make it worth every single penny, invested from your side.

It is mostly designed to help safeguard your valuables. This best home locker in India comes with strong double-walled construction. It presents the most reliable and safe resistance against burglars and fire as well. Furthermore, the digital locking system will provide the much-needed multi-level password protection with these best home lockers. Then you have the armored plate in the door and body. That makes the product tool fire resistant as well.

If you want to know where to buy lockers for home, visit Godrej sites or their physical stores for the most rewarding options. This model, in particular, comes with adjustable shelves inside. So, the safe is designed to offer the convenience you need as a user.


  • These are the best home lockers that come in handy with stronger double-walled construction. Ruining it from the outside is pretty much impossible.
  • If you want to know where to keep locker at home, it is important to keep it somewhere hidden and safe. Mounting them to the wall or inside the cupboard will be a great call.
  • These best home lockers are well armored plated in the door and body. That offers that extra level of protection for your safety needs.
  • These lockers are now enabled with the master password. So, you need to be aware of the password to open the locker safely and get your items out of it.
  • It has a powder-coated finish, which makes it a clear winner when it comes to looks.
  • For your questions like are home lockers safe, the answer is yes, once you have planned to give this model a try right now!


  • There is an interior carpet available with the best home lockers like this one
  • It is one of the best home safes for jewellery and comes with adjustable shelves inside
  • It has non-volatile memory that prevents password erasure, even when the battery is low and hard to function

These are the top 6 options available by your side, whenever you are aiming for the best home lockers for your daily use. Yes, it might get a bit confusing with so many options, and making one right choice seems to be tough at first. But, once you get a hang of it, you will realize the importance it holds.

How to choose the best home lockers?

If you are still unsure regarding the fireproof home lockers to choose from, then some of the points listed below might save you a great deal of time and money. Following these points will actually help you to choose the right locker for your home.

  • At first, you need to measure the size of the best home lockers. Maybe you are trying to mount it on the wall or just bolting them inside the cupboard. Measure out the place where you will be safely put in the locker and then purchase the right model.
  • Don’t forget to check the width and length of the water proof home lockers before making a purchase. There are different lengths available, with the most common being 15l. Depending on how many items you are planning to store inside the locker, the sizes are going to differ.
  • Lastly, you need to focus on the price value of the best home lockers. Not everyone is comfortable spending a lot of money for the safe of purchasing a locker. But, all the noteworthy manufacturers currently offer discounted rates on some of their selected products. Be the first one to check those out and make a decision on your own.

These simple yet effective steps will help you to select the best home locker. Whether you are looking to spend extra and purchase automatic home lockers or go for the manual version of it, there are loads of options to give out a try.


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